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Sometimes it can be challenging to pick gifts for your friends and family, even if you already have your favorite store in mind. It can also be money and time consuming. Some people are looking for various gift box ideas to save this precious time and money. We decided to make your work easier and if you are looking for shungite gift ideas, we present to you our shungite gift boxes!

Shungite gift boxes are a perfect choice for a gift, whether you wish to make someone’s household cozier with a piece of Northern beauty, or to give your close ones magical properties of shungite healing. These small gift boxes contain a number of completely different crystal gifts, from pyramids and shungite jewelry to phone plates and elite shungite stones. We specifically selected our favorite shungite items, which proved to be immensely popular and effective through the years. The unique crystal gifts from the heart of Russian North will be a great match for Christmas presents or just a small minimalist gift for any friend or family member.  The small gift boxes will save both your time and money, as the best shungite items are already carefully picked by us and the price of gift box is much lower than separate prices of each item.


  • Shungite gift box contains:
  1. 5 cm (1,97 inches) polished shungite pyramid
  2. 20 mm (0,8 inches) shungite phone sticker
  3. Shungite pendant “Small circle”
  4. Minimalist shungite string bracelet
  5. Elite shungite stone 7-12 grams (0,24-0,42 oz)
  6. Shungite key charm with tumbled shungite stone



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