Karelian shungite wand for chakra balancing and crystal healing

kr 585.00


Shungite crystal wand for chakra balancing and crystal healing
Weight: 150 grams (0.33 pounds)
Size: 120 x 25 mm (4.72 x 0.98 inches)
Material: regular shungite
Stile: polished
Shungite points have comfortable size and shape, that’s why they are good and convenient for meditation practices. Hold point in your hands, close your eyes, relax and focus on your breath. Repeat this procedure every evening and you will see the positive effect. It helps to clean your mind and organize your thoughts.
Creating of crystal grids
Crystal grids are the most popular way to bring positive energy to your house and body. In order to create a crystal grid you need to take various crystals and stones which align with your dreams and intentions, and organize them symmetrically into geometrical grid. Shungite is a universal stone with great energizing properties. It accumulates the power of 4th elements and can be combined with any crystal. What’s why if you want to create a powerful grid just put shungite point into its centre.
Personal protection
 If you always want to be protected from stress and destructive energy, you can keep shungite points in pocket or wear them as jewelry. They absorb positive energy and draw it to your body. Moreover, shungite points will protect you from EMF, so it will make usage of gadgets harmless and safe.
Crystal healing
 Shungite points can also be used as an alternative medical tool which has great healing properties. They allow positive energy to flow into your body what helps to soothe anxiety and stress and speed up the detoxification process. In order to achieve a desirable effect you can places point on different parts of the body. Moreover you can them in different parts of your room and surround yourself with healing energy.


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